The Rave Scenes

This page is for AWoL Productions debut performance piece, The Rave Scenes, which premiered at the 5th Annual Capital Fringe Festival.

This production presented as part of the 2010 Capital Fringe Festival

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Experience elements of what was
once a thriving rave scene in the DC area. Party kids with no place
to call home tell their stories, as they share some tips on how to
be a raver. 75 minutes

AWoL Productions is dedicated to sharing the values of communities
by collaborating, creating, and telling stories through the performing arts.

This is an original work, with a cast made up of ravers who've never
acted, actors who've never raved, and some who've done a little of both.

*Community Partners*
EDM Partner: Breakbeat Energy Recordings
Gaia Partner: Renew & Sustain

*Policy Partners*

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

JR Russ is Vision Director for the organization; community/collective participants include Lida Benson, Steve Calamia, James Crawford, Ryan Davis, Eamonn Foley, Jen House, Ouida Maedel, Danny Pushkin, Celia Wren & Jerry Zawacki.

Flyer design by Charles Shryock
Sound design by John Shryock