Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DC Burner Spotlight #2

This is a profile of one of the participants in the Ten Principles )'( storytelling project, being presented as part of this year's Capital Fringe Festival. He is returning to the show for his 2nd year.

Q: Default world name?
A: Kenny Reff

Q: Playa name?
A: K~Love

Q: First time at Burning Man?
A: 2012

Q: Which camp were you with your first time?
A: None; went not knowing a soul.

Q: Favorite camp to be with at Burning Man?A: It's All Made Up.

Q: Favorite art installation?
A: Truth is Beauty.

Q: Favorite art car?
A: Robot Heart

Q: Favorite sound camp?
A: Robot Heart.

Q: First time at a regional and which one?
A: 2012 Playa Del Fuego

Q: Favorite regional.
A: Transformus.

Q: Where did you go to college/university?
A: Undergrad at San Francisco State University; Grad at Boston University.

Q: What did you major in?
A: Broadcast Journalism.

Q: When did you move to the DC area and where did you move from?
A: Moved here from Boston in 1980. Prior to that, I lived in San Francisco, Philadelphia and New York.

Q: What's your day job?
A: I'm an independent video producer

Q: Favorite food?
A: Frozen yogurt filled to the brim with fruit

Q: Favorite game?
A: Flirting.

Q: What three artists (living or dead) would you like to have dinner with)?
A: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Bob Marley, Steve Jobs

Thank you for sharing, K-Love!

And you can see his story from last year's Capital Fringe Festival below.

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