Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kickstarter: Up and running for Ten Principles!!

Hey there,

So we started the +Kickstarter for "Ten Principles"!! We've been in touch with the +Burning Man organization and received their approval to move forward with this project.

And there are others, if you search for "Burning Man" on Kickstarter. Our project came up third!!

So we thought we'd share 'em here. There's only 6 others so far, all geared towards bringing something to the Playa.

In no particular order other than the the one they showed up in:

And that's far. So check 'em out.

AND if you're interested in supporting my effort in making DC just a li'l more dusty, consider helping us reach our goal of sharing true stories from the Playa in the Capital.

Thank you, in advance!!

JR aka Nexus )'(

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