Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TRS: A Green Scene

So, as I'm getting ready for another rehearsal, I wanted to just blog about a meeting I had with Mike, a friend of mine who has a sustainable development consulting firm, Renew & Sustain.

He offered pro-bono service for my maiden production, in trying to devise a green plan of action. Even though we're performing at a festival, we can still be green with the energy by offering a fund raising plan to purchase carbon offsets. During the shows, instead of bottled water, I can make sure to provide filtered water for the cast.

He actually gave me same bad news/good news with regards to any printing we need to get done, for programs, postcards, fliers, etc. The good news is that most print companies are going green, using recycled paper, soy-based ink. The bad news is that it's not so special to find what that's green-minded.

And that's fine. That's actually awesome. I feel like the fact that we're aware of that and it intentionally fits with other aspects of the production process is what matters. It's like the difference between someone who works for a non-profit just for the work, versus someone who works at one because they also know what the mission is, and believe in it.

Anyway, I digress. Feeling really good, and looking forward to rehearsal in a little over an hour.

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  1. Oh yeah, including a bit about glowsticks in the proposal lead me to looking up glowstick apps in the Droid market :-)